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The following is an expanding repository of tips, techniques, and tools suggested by guests of the Brewing Fiction Podcast. We trust that you will discover a valuable resource or strategy that you can use in your writing.

Submission Grinder

The Submission Grinder is a donation-supported submission tracker and market database for writers of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Use their extensive and powerful search engine to find a home for your work.

Drabble and Micro Fiction Markets

If you would like to submit your work for publishing, the following list of markets may have what you need.

The following is collected and compiled by guest Hannah Greer.


Everyone has a story to tell.

A reading and writing platform where 100 million people connect and share their stories each month, including your hosts Keith and Heather.

Fairfield Scribes

Home of the online literary magazine ScribesMICRO. They are also a small press publisher.

Guests Alison McBain is Lead Editor and Matthew Salinas is Special Features Editor for the publication.

Coalescence Publishing

If interested in publishing, this may be an option. When you choose to publish with them, authors never have to pay a penny.

Publisher of works by guest Matthew Salinas.

Hemingway Editor

A free online writer and editor to check spelling and grammar. It is a great option for shorter pieces.

You can also buy a standalone app for a one-time payment or subscribe to get advanced features.

Grammarly Editor

Another well- known online grammar checker. You can also use a browser extension or download mobile apps.

A pro version is available by subscription for more advanced features.

Prowriting Aid

Polish your work with another grammar checker and writing assistant.

Use the free online app, or subscribe for advanced features.


A great source to get the perfect cover designed for your next novel.

This company has been used and is recommended by guest author John W. Goodland.

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