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Upcoming Guests

Keith M. Leonard

Author and Podcaster


Award-winning author of Everyone’s a Catgirl!

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Brewing Fiction Podcast

With Keith M. Leonard and H.R. Parker

A Podcast for Fiction Lovers

Calling all wordsmiths and bookworms!

Grab your favorite brew and cozy up with Brewing Fiction, the podcast that dives deep into the world of fiction alongside its writers.

Each episode, hosts and authors Keith M. Leonard and H.R. Parker chat with writers who love fiction as much as you do. You’ll hear inspiring journeys, the stories behind their stories, and the tools that fuel their creativity. The authors will give you up close and personal insight into their captivating fiction.

Whether you’re a reader, a seasoned writer, or just starting to craft your own tales, Brewing Fiction is your steaming cup of inspiration, brimming with tips, tricks, and the magic of storytelling. Tune in and discover what’s brewing next!

The Story Behind Brewing Fiction

From self-doubt to inspiration: Our fascination with fiction and fantasy stories dates back to our younger years. The many worlds visited have since triggered our own stories, hidden in the dark corners of our minds. We each had some inspiration that convinced us to unleash our characters and stories to the world. Hopefully this podcast can give you similar inspiration.

Finding the Perfect Quill: Just like a perfect pen, the tools we choose to write with encourage our stories to unfold. Every writer has their favorite. We will share which tools, from the plethora of choices, are chosen by each of our guests. If you are a budding wordsmith, maybe one will match your style.

Your Medium: Nothing can compare to the experience of reading a novel; the touch, the heft and the captivating aroma of its pages. However, some writers explore different avenues to reach their audience. Our guests will share how and where they have published their works for readers worldwide, allowing you to discover a limitless source of fiction for your pleasure.

Our Mission: We invite guest writers to share their stories of challenges, successes and adventures, hoping to inspire aspiring writers to embark on their own journey. We want to help you bring your hidden stories to life and share them with the world. And for the readers out there, Brewing Fiction is your gateway to finding your next favorite fictional writer.

Creator and Host

Keith M. Leonard was born in Newfoundland and Labrador and now lives in Saskatchewan, Canada. He lives in the land of living skies with his wife Joy, their three adult children (Dakota, Desiree and Parker), and three cats (Phantom, Evian and Eska).

“For a long time, I had kept a large collection of stories locked away somewhere in the corners of my mind, until I finally felt confident enough to share them with the world. I have since published many short stories on and I am now working on my first novel.”


H.R. Parker is an editor for The Kraken Lore and The Fiction Writer’s Den. She writes speculative fiction and poetry.

“So what do I do when my fingers aren’t plastered on the keys? I’m reading. Of course. But you can also find me doing yoga, spending time with my family and fur babies, swimming, or picking flowers in sun-dappled meadows. I love grim dark and anime-style video games. Old movies. Photography. Nature, sunshine, wilderness. The ocean (I’m part mermaid). I also eat my favorite food, po-tay-toes, like a true hobbit. Just call me Samwise.”

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