Author Versus AI by Alison McBain

Alison McBain, the brilliant author behind the ambitious project Author Versus AI, has begun an extraordinary challenge. On April 23rd, coinciding with Global Book Day, she embarked on a literary odyssey: to write 52 novels in 52 weeks. Yes, you read that correctly—over 2 million words in a single year! But here’s the twist: no AI assistance will be involved in the creation of these books.

Recently, Alison shared insights about her project on The Brewing Fiction Podcast, hosted by Keith M. Leonard and H.R. Parker. The first part of her interview aired on Sunday, April 21st. The second episode will follow on Sunday, April 28th. Are you curious about the inner workings of this literary marathon? Be sure to tune in and discover how Alison plans to conquer the challenge—one novel at a time! Listen to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform, or listen here.

For more details, you can explore Alison’s Author Versus AI website here. This project is sure to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of writing. All without any assistance from AI.

Keith M. Leonard


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