Brewing Fiction Podcast

A new chapter of storytelling begins…

Listen to the Brewing Fiction podcast where you can explore the fascinating world of fiction with the writers who craft it. All you need is your favorite mug and a cozy spot.

Each episode, host Keith M. Leonard sips on a delicious cup of joe and chats with writers who love fiction as much as you do. You’ll hear their inspiring journeys, the stories behind their stories, and the tools that fuel their creativity. Plus, we will delve into an excerpt from their work, giving you a taste of their captivating fiction.

Whether you’re a reader, a seasoned writer, or just starting to craft your own tales, Brewing Fiction is your steaming cup of inspiration, brimming with tips, tricks, and the magic of storytelling. Tune in and discover what’s brewing next!

Keith M. Leonard

Keith M. Leonard

Creator and Host

Keith M. Leonard


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