Back At It!

Happy 2024 everyone!

Just a quick update on what is happening in my writing world. Except for a little bit of Drabble (see below) on Medium, I have mostly taken January away from writing.

We took a family vacation to Orlando. I took that time completely away from writing and had some great family time with my wife Joy and our three kids, Dakota, Desiree and Parker.

Also, as always, I have battled a little of the winter blues and lost the motivation I needed to write for a couple of weeks.

However, I am happy to say I have finally started back at some solid writing. Some new short stories will be published again on Medium in the coming days and weeks. 

Also, I have spent a little time in Timberville in the past couple of days. It seems a new doll store, named The Doll House, has opened up and it is the talk of the town.

Oh, I so dislike dolls! As my sister Maud can tell you. She would always hide a little doll dressed in black when I would babysit for her years ago. That thing always stared at me! Thanks sis!

Maybe I'm scarred from a fright I received at the hands of my brother Martin. Many moons ago, Mart decided he was going to frighten me by standing a walking doll against the outside of my bedroom door and have it fall in when I opened the door. Well, it worked! I nearly passed out when I opened the door and the doll jumped at me. Seriously, it had a sinister grin when it leapt at me with its arms held out. It was trying to grab me! 

I don't remember if I screamed, but I kicked that doll down the hall. Mom was furious at Mart when she saw how pale I was when I came down the stairs a few minutes later. I wonder what happened to that doll?

I will dedicate that upcoming book to both Maud (for her protection) and Mart (for instilling the fear that I still have) when it is published a few months from now.

There you have it; just a quick update from the world of Keith M Leonard - Author.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!


*Definition of Drabble: A drabble is a type of micro fiction that consists of exactly 100 words. It is a challenge for writers to tell a complete story in a very limited space. Drabbles are often used in science fiction and fantasy genres, but they can also be written in any other genre. You can read all my drabble stories here.

Keith M. Leonard


2 responses to “Back At It!”

  1. Tina K Avatar
    Tina K

    So happy to hear you had a little break to relax with the family,sometimes you need a mental break so you can start doing your best work!

    Who says childhood trauma is bad eh? Looks like yours has inspired you! 😂 Congratulations on your upcoming book,I look forward to reading it. Keep the stories coming! ❤️

  2. Maud Brown Avatar
    Maud Brown

    So glad to hear you are back writing,😍 oh my Keith, I remember that doll so well, “I” thought she was beautiful, lol but I know how she scared you! Will be waiting anxiously for your book, I love reading all you write… you are very talented Bro, Who Knew? 🤗

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