Happy New Year!


What a year!

It is hard to believe that 2023 has come to an end. And what a year it has been! With 38 short stories, posted in 5 publications, and a mind blowing 2500+ views since July, I am speechless! Finding a hobby to keep me busy is where this started. Now, my stories have readers. People are entertained by the words I have written.


Not to mention the start of my online presence. I launched my Official Author Webpage (https://keithmleonard.com) to give readers a view into my writing world. Although I only dedicate a very small amount of my time to the site, I am happy to have a presence online. Oh, and a newsletter is coming. Who knows: a web store for my books? For merchandise? Time will tell!

Watch out Amazon!

And I am just getting started! 2024 will have more published short stories. After all, short stories are my passion. I love a quick read! But I am immersed in stories that are beyond short. So, a new challenge awaits me. My first novel! Stay tuned for the release date in the first half of 2024!

So what’s coming in 2024? Witches? Yup. Vampires? For sure. Aliens? Of course. But also, possessed dolls, psychopaths, and a lot of unknown creatures from who knows where! Sounds like fun, right?

I want to end 2023 with a huge thank you to all of you, my readers. I know the genre I love is not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s cool. All I ask is if you see something you like, leave a comment on Medium.com or email me at keith.leonard.author@gmail.com.

Happy New Year!

Keith M. Leonard


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