Lost Town




Lost Woman

Technology is great when it works. Imagine travelling on a country road in the middle of nowhere. The map application on your phone does not work. Now imagine that the road takes you to a deserted town. There, residents are dying, and strange forces prevent you from leaving. Welcome to Lost Town.

Penny and Todd hit the road for a weekend getaway. They get lost on a country road that leads them to a small town called Blackwater. They first see a troubled young woman pushing a stroller with unimaginable contents. Deciding to leave, they meet an old timer named Jeff who advises them they cannot. They must join the remaining residents and await a dire fate that seems inevitable.

Read Lost Town here.

Keith M. Leonard


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  1. Tina Avatar

    I love reading your short stories.They keep me on the edge of my seat,waiting for the next chapter! Thank you, keep writing!

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